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Saffron (Packet)

Saffron (Packet)

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2 pieces or lower : €3 (only applies to dried fruits)

0-3kg : 5.05

3-5kg: €5.95

5-10kg: €6.69

10-15kg: €7.44

15-20kg: €7.74

20-25kg: €8.04

25-31.5kg: €8.49

For orders above 31.5kg, please contact us @ +491773289475

Product information at a glance:

 Saffron threads

 Intense aroma of high quality

 Natural dark red color

 No additives or preservatives

 No flavorings or colorings

 Country of origin: Iran

 Packaged in a protective atmosphere

Completely natural and intense aroma.

Our saffron is of the highest organic quality. So we can promise you that our product is free of any preservatives, coloring and flavorings.

The saffron is characterized solely by its intensely exotic Aroma and its deep red color, which accounts for the slightly bitter flavor and the yellow-golden color.


Wide range of applications

The saffron threads are not only found in the kitchen when preparing rice dishes such as paella or desserts such as cakes, but also in the beauty sector in the manufacture of face masks.

The popular spice is an all-rounder and has an effect when used regularly

Use in many ways also positive for your health.

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