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2 pieces or lower : €3 (only applies to dried fruits)

0-3kg : 5.05

3-5kg: €5.95

5-10kg: €6.69

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15-20kg: €7.74

20-25kg: €8.04

25-31.5kg: €8.49

For orders above 31.5kg, please contact us @ +491773289475

Product information at a glance: 

Walnut kernels

Natural and untreated

300g, 24 x 300g (discounted), 10kg

Country of origin: China

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals

Packaged in a protective atmosphere

You want a delicious snack that is not only healthy but also is versatile? 

Then our walnut kernels from Almas Global are just right for you!

The snack that is good for your health!

Rich in vitamins and important nutrients

Walnuts are one of the best natural sources when it comes to vitamins and minerals that are important for our body. They take care of us this means that the nuts also fall under the category of “super foods” and are a healthy snack alternative. In order to cover daily needs,

the recommended daily amount is 30 grams, which corresponds to 7 walnut kernels.

Nutty-sweet aroma for a variety of dishes.

Our natural walnut kernels with their intensive Flavor can be used and prepared in many ways. Whether as a classic Snack, toasted as a topping for your salad and muesli or as an ingredient in a delicious baking recipe - they add a nutty-sweet touch to every dish Aroma.

Were we able to arouse your interest? Then secure yourself today our walnut kernels from Almas Global and lend yours dishes a special something!

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