Announcement for wholesalers and Supermarkets

Exclusive B2B Announcement - Arrival of New Shipments:

Premium Dates and Rice have arrived!

We're excited to share a special announcement for our B2B partners: a dual delight is on its way to Almas Global GmbH located in Nürnberg. Our fresh shipment of premium rice, perfectly timed for Ramadan, is accompanied by a selection of exquisite dates. This exclusive initiative is crafted to meet the diverse needs of supermarket owners and wholesalers during this festive season.

Ordering in Bulk:

To place bulk orders, we invite you to visit our warehouse located at Sigmundstraße 52, 90431 Nürnberg, Germany. Our team will be delighted to assist you in person, ensuring you get exactly what you need. It's an opportunity to witness the quality firsthand and discuss any specific requirements.

Stay Connected:

As we anticipate the arrival of these fresh containers, follow our dedicated B2B channels for real-time updates on the shipment's arrival date and to take advantage of the exclusive opportunities we've prepared for you.

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